Legends Hockey Camps @ Princethorpe

UK Field hockey Camps with Olympic Gold Medal winner, Double Pakistan Olympians,international players, international team coaches, National hockey league players, junior internationals and much, much more..

Our History


2009 was our first year and we ran 2 camps, one in July and one in August.

We had 75 players and 15 staff on each camp.

Over 2,500 meals were served from our 'kitchen' by Vanessa Rooney and Jeanette Betts plus various helpers.

Camp 1 was mainly boys and included a visit by a Scorpion tank (see pictures) which fired twice.

Scorpion Tank at 2009 camp 1

Camp 2 saw a 15 piece orchestra play for an hour before chinese wish lanterns were set off.


2009 CAMP 2


In our 2nd year we ran 3 camps with over 200 youngsters taking part. A feature that year was the introduction of lots of  new events and sessions: a water slide; indoor hockey indoor coaching and games;

professional sports science physical testing as well as refinements to the War of the Worlds competition. Our special events for 2010 were the arrival of two Aston Martin's at Camp 1 while on Camp 2 the players learned some Hip Hop & Street dancing. Camp 3 heralded an hour of Zumba.

Special sessions were run by our young internationals based around 'how to get there' and play for your country. Other class based sessions included a brilliant session on injury management. Imran Sherwani gave a fantastic talk to the player about his life and also gave each player a signed information sheet on the Olympic Gold Medal history.




Wow! an Olympic gold medal winner, a Pakistani double Olympian with 237 caps, England juniors, England coaches, a double water slide,  helicopter rides, remote controlled car racing, pig roasts, best camps ever.... we think so... but then 2012, Olympics, 5 days hum! yep it's going to get better and better and better and better....

96% of those who attended in 2011 came back in 2011 + a load more (the 4% became too old)

Camp 1 and camp 2 involved 107 and 148 students respectively

930 cups of hot chocolate were served throughout

3100 meals were prepared and served during breakfast, lunch and dinner

Over the 160 hours duration of the camps it rained (spitting) for 4 hours

54 kilos of bacon was cooked for breakfast over the two camps

Over 2000 snacks were served during mid morning and mid afternoon

Over 6500 cups of squash were drunk

600 hockey balls were used each day

The tent area was marked out by 540 cones

It is estimated that some children went down the slide over 50 times, and therefore they ran up to 1250m in 90 minutes at a 30 degree angle

Camp 2 was larger than the previous biggest camp by almost 50%

Camp 1 was the third largest ever

Over the course of the two camps we estimate that 200 children made 20 individual slides each, that is a total of 4000 slides down the slope and ran 100,000m uphill which we think equates to 11 times up Mount Everest

Over the course of the 2 camps a hockey ball was hit over 2.5 million times

During the warm up the players ran an aggregate of 60kms

Over 6000 hours on the pitch were completed

Each player and member of staff walked or ran, on average 10kms each day either playing or walking back and forth through the camp. Overall 12,000kms were covered during the camps

3000 plates, 3000 bowls, 3000 knives, 3000 forks, 3000 spoons and 6000 beakers were washed up

On camp 2 the helicopter (what a helicopter? oh yes, flew at 120mph at a height of 700ft

We estimate that, in total the distance that all the balls were hit was 37.5 million feet or 7,100 miles, almost a third of the way around the globe.

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