Legends Hockey Camps @ Princethorpe

UK Field hockey Camps with Olympic Gold Medal winner, Double Pakistan Olympians,international players, international team coaches, National hockey league players, junior internationals and much, much more..


Late January 2017 - We have been told that the form on the left hand side is not working and may have been malfunction since 8 January. If you cannot get the form to 'send' then email me (colindexter@sky.com) and I will sort the booking another way. The site engineers are currently working to sort out the problem. If you have made a booking but not received a confirmation please also send me an email.


Dates for Summer 2017 -
  • CAMP 1 - TUESDAY TO FRIDAY 25-28 JULY 2017




Camp 1 - 26-29 July - all ages; Camp 2 - 2-5 August - all ages; Camp 3 - 9-12 August - all ages

Cost - same as the previous 3 years (day students £200 residential £225)

Booking - complete the form on the left.


Over the course of the next few weeks I will do a write up on the 2015 camps and announce dates for 2016. Photos from 2015 will be put on our FACEBOOK page, Thanks for all of your support. Also at the end of camp 2 we had a coin collection in support of the TEENAGE CANCER TRUST having been inspired by TOM ASHLEY's attendance at both camps. Along with the profits from the tuck shop we all have raised a wonderful £416.06 which will go to help those young people live life just a bit more normally.

In the last month we have had 633 unique visitors to the site, which is incredible. And much of what I have written in the last few weeks has been quite boring and dour so forgive me for this. But the nub of what we do is aimed at inspiring young hockey player to play the game so I thought it a good idea to make some truly exciting announcements. You don't need to tell your children if you wish so they get the surprise, so here goes..

1/ camp 1, day 1 a visit from x2 real superstars of British hockey. Adam Dixon and Ollie Willars are coming to see us just after lunch. A bit of chatting, a bit of pitch time and a lot of photo and signature opportunities for everyone. By the way I coached them both as very, very young boys!

2/?camp2 - a visit from new megastar Sam Ward, ditto (in all counts) Adam and Ollie, except he will turn up when least expected. who will spot him first?

3/ some breathtaking food on offer including , over the two camps a brand new ice cream from Leamington - we think that there will be up to x18 different flavours on offer over both camps

4/ we have some spectacular music on offer on an evening on both camps - how about a band featured on BBC Radio 2 and who were featured at the recent Isle of Wight festival. 

5/ New coaches, new menus, new player timetables, new shirts PLUS all the old favourites - water slide, silent disco, tuck shop, hockey shop and a wealth of great coaches.

We are struggling to upload the meeting times etc. - we have cut and pasted the important thing for you. please note that there is a Medical consent form and a Player undertaking form to complete. This can be completed at registration. IF YOU ARE NOT BRINGING YOUR OWN CHILD THEN PLEASE EMAIL US (colindexter@sky.com) AND WE WILL SEND YOU THE FORMS TO COMPLETE, SIGN AND THEN GIVE TO WHOEVER IS BRINGING YOUR CHILD(REN) TO CAMP.

Pre-camp information


Camp issues: Colin Dexter 07807 274421 or 01788 572135

111 Bilton Road, Rugby, CV22 7AS

Pastoral issues: Lynne Jobling: 07863 346941

Arrive and collect times

  • Location :CV23 9PX
  • For both camps the arrival and depart times are the same:
  • Arrival – first day
  • If you have a tent to erect please register at 09:00
  • If you do not have a tent to erect please register at 09.45
  • Depart/collect – last day
  • Players should be collected at 17:00 from the 6th form centre

Registration process 09:00 to 10.45 

The registration process is very simple. 

The  registrars (3)

  • will write down the player’s names on the camp register 
  • check each family has our emergency contact 
  • The registrar will then direct you to the pastoral team (7) who will:
  • take the player code of conduct undertaking and medical consent (see attached)
  • collect any medication for your child(ren) and check any information that is pertinent. 
  • check the medical information we have is correct
  • for day students only – log the arrival and collect times for each day (see form below)
  • players who are leaving the camp early must inform the Pastoral team
  • The pastoral team will then send you to either:
  • for full students – the staff will send you back to collect your vehicle and you will be directed towards the lower entrance to the Orchard, this is where we camp during the building work.
  • you will be shown where to park by the tent team who will show you where to erect your tent and provide you with any help needed. Those borrowing tents collect them from here. We do have some spare ground rolls, tent pegs etc. Those borrowing items will sign for them and the items must be taken care of and returned in good condition. Once your tent is ready you should go back to the 6th form centre via the ‘Limes Walk’, the tent team will show you where to go.


  • for day students remain in the 6th form centre where free tea, coffee biscuits and cakes are being served to players and parents. They will be shown where to store their kit.

Legends Camp Shop

While you are waiting for the players' briefing, which starts at 10:30, please have a look at the Legends hockey shop. This is located in the 6th form centre and includes the following: tuck shop, hockey equipment, legends clothing to buy or order. 

The tuck shop will open twice per day, after lunch and after dinner, although players are welcome to ask one of the pastoral or catering staff for help if no one else is around.

Players are also asked to have a look at the main camp notice board (in the 6th form centre) as here they will find the list of their social groups. These are the groups that the players are in when they play in the camp tournament 'War of the Worlds'. We know some players like to be together and for much of the camp this will be the case. However, we split the groups so that there is a fair split of genders, ages and abilities. The only other time that these groups get together is at lunch, dinner and for washing up duties. Coaching groups will be decided during the late morning after the first round of the hockey competition ‘War of the Worlds’.

Parents can leave at any time but they are also welcome to join in the players briefing and walkabout tour to familiarise themselves with the location. 

Players briefing 10:45 to 11:00

All players and pastoral staff will take a tour of the camp to understand the location, the do's & don'ts and where each of the facilities are.

War of the Worlds -  11:30 to 13:00

The camp has distinct and different coaching and social groups, the social groups consist of 8 planets: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto and Earth. These are sub-divided into Young and Old. Hence there are a total of 16 teams. Each social group has at least one leader and two Helpers.

Camp shirts

Just after lunch the players will receive their camp shirts. 

Kit list 

  • astroturf shoes, playing socks (4)
  • shorts or skirt or skirt 
  • t shirts for training in
  • waterproof top 
  • tracksuit bottoms 
  • shin pads (compulsory – those without can buy these at the camp shop)
  • stick(s)
  • stick bag (preferably with a carabiner 
  • water bottles (these can be filled pitch side as we have installed two fountains there)
  • gum shield (compulsory – those without can buy these at the camp shop)
  • a small 1st aid kit with plasters, gauze, an instant ice pack, a triangular bandage and some antiseptic wipes if allowed. 
  • sun block
  • pyjamas,
  • teddy bear
  • flip flops or similar
  • washing kit 
  • towels (2) 
  • sleeping bag or similar 
  • air mattress or similar 
  • pillow 
  • black bag for rubbish, bag for dirty clothes. 
  • torch and batteries. 
  • IPod or other music player (no external speakers please) 
  • earphones.
  • casual clothes for evenings, 
  • underwear (8)
  • casual shorts and t shirt for the water slide 
  • a warm coat/jumper/sweatshirt
  • some money for the tuck shop (£20 Max) and hockey shop if required

Medication and ailments

  • A clearly labelled bag to give to the Pastoral team for any emergency medication that is to be kept in the 1st aid area
  • A list of times and clear instructions when medication should be taken
  • Any notes or advice about a condition or medication
  • Headache tablets and simple pain killers should be kept by the player with advice from you on how much, when and what to take. The camp staff cannot administer any tablets without the permission of the parents

Music- One of the key components of the camp is that music ('DEX music is good music') is enjoyed at meal times and we are encouraging the players to create playlists for one of the meals. They should bring along their choice on their phone/MP3 player and we will try and play it. The camp holds a SPOTIFY account.  Breakfast playlists should be very chilled and relaxing, lunch playlists should be quite upbeat, dinner playlists should be upbeat as well whilst supper playlists should be very, very chilled. Remember 'Dex music is good music'!

Payment - Please check you bank statements and records to ensure that all bookings are paid for. We would very much appreciate it if any outstanding monies are transferred before the start of the camp (sort code 070116 account 31685299 and make sure it identifies the surname of the child and camp, for example DEXTER SC2), unless a prior arrangement has been made. Would You also confirm the transfer to me by email and give me the last three digits of your account number. This is to make sure I can allocate the payment correctly.


News - 13 July 2015

The details of registration times, kit, emergency contact, collection times etc. should be going out on Wednesday. If you do not get the email the information will be uploaded here at the same time.

More interesting news - the programme planning team have had a long meeting today thrashing out the programme. We have, we think been clever with the timings of everything so there will be lots going on. We promise all sessions will be different, that means if you are on both camps you will not repeat anything. The catering group has been hard at work, my house smells like a cake shop! Again only the camp favourites repeated with lots of new stuff.

We are absolutely stacked out with new things happening all the time - new gadgets, truly mind blowing events and visitors. The staffing is stronger than ever before. Hoping you are going to love Legends 2015!

There are some major changes to the 'Planet team' programme with lots of innovation.

We are looking forwards to meeting players from all over the world this year we have Sophia and Karen coming again from Chile in South America, we have three players from two different parts of Spain (as well as a set of parents), two players from Jersey, two from Singapore as well as big groups from Derby, Worcester and a great swathe of players from King's High in Warwick, Warwick School, Bilton Grange as well as from Princethorpe College and a Rugby and East Warwickshire Hockey Club. Thank you everyone for your support.

We can announce that STX are the official supporter of the camps this year and they will not only have their impressive range on display but there will be some to try out as well. They have also kindly donated some brilliant sticks as prizes.

See you all very soon!


News - 4 July 2015

Equipment and clothing - do you need to get anything before the camp then read on - Tom who runs the camp and online shop for us sent me this in an email "May be worth reminding people you have your Legends shop on site. This coming week we are uploading all new season kit and there will be 20% discount on all products for Legends attendees. Ideally we get everyone there to buy rather than them shopping on Barringtons before. If they want to try before they buy (on the little astro i have with me on shop days) they will need to send an email with the product they want and we can bring it". He will have a discount code ready shortly. To get hold of him email info@evovate.co.uk.

I know that Tom is bringing his printing equipment with him and you can have your camp shirt printed with your name or nick name for less than £5 (or thereabouts).

News - 2 July 2015

Plans are going very well - only 26 days until the start do camp 1. 

  1. Details for each camp will go out by email  and published here 2 weeks before the start
  2. For both camps registration is at 09:00 for residential and 09:30 for day students
  3. If you have not yet paid please do so as soon as possible. This not only gives us the cash flow to buy and pay for everything but it saves an enormous amount of admin during the camp
  4. The plans for this year include an even better number of top quality coaches, outdoor and indoor hockey, lots of evening entertainment - DEX music really is good music, and some quite brilliant food. Look out for DEX on wheels! Really hoping to pull off a massive coup this year, just waiting for the phone to ring from one or two amazing people - hey, if it doesn't come off we are left with the following: coaching staff is around x30 (plus catering and pastoral teams) and they include: an Olympic gold medallist (only camp 2 this year), two Pakistani double Olympians, a commonwealth games coach, a former Wales keeper and current junior teams international coach, three JRPC coaches, an England hockey centrally contracted coach, two junior hockey expert coaches from Holland and three England junior internationals, a Leicester ladies & current England squad player, and me I am a level 3 coach, formerly the head coach of the midlands boys u15 and below age groups. We are all very good friends. There are more male staff than female but some of the best ones (including the commonwealth games and one of the JRPC coaches specialise in coaching girls.

News - 23 June 2015

For the very first time we have had to close a camp to further  bookings. CAMP 2 (4-7 August) IS NOW FULL and no more bookings will be taken. There are still places on camp 1 (28-31 July) but not many left!

Those who have already made genuine enquiries about camp 2 which have been acknowledged will still be catered for.

At the rate bookings are coming in camp 1 will be fully booked very, very soon.

Thanks for your support everyone, it's amazing that we have grown so much so quickly. Great hockey, great location and great food works. I think we need to consider three camps next year!

Booking form

We have updated the booking form for 2015 (it is near the top of the column on the left hand side) if the children have been to legends just complete the first section. If they are being booked for the first time please complete both sections in full



Summer camps 2015

All the details you need are in the text below.


2015 - besides the great hockey we try to keep you wanting to come back for more. So in 2015 we are making sure that you are really blown away. At both camps we are bringing back the following camp favourites that you have asked for, as well as some new additions that you will find out about at the camp. Both camps will have a SILENT DISCO, WATER SLIDE, A FEATURED FOOD NIGHT (Similar to the BIG PAN Indoneasian food) and after a massive request the full on HOG ROAST.  We are making sure there will be a marquee at the bottom of the 6th form lawn and attempting to get some brilliant lighting in there for you. needless to say we will carry on testing the food menus to give you what you want, but we are 90% sure that we will be making available a STARBUCKS COFFEE BAR - not many hockey camps can offer that! Watch this space.

2015 dates - updated 24 October 2014.

The college have asked us to avoid the 'A' level results day so our dates have now changed to:

Camp 1 - 28 to 31 July 2015

Camp 2 - 4 to 7 August 2015

Cost etc. all as below.

Easter dates in the next 10 days.


If you have been to legends before book by sending an email to colindexter@sky.com, then either transfer payment or send cheques (you can post date if you wish) to confirm. 

Fees will remain the same for the third year running, £200 for day students and £225 for residential.


all my photos and videos from the ipad are now on our Facebook page (Legends Hockey Camps), feel free to send me your so I can add them. Site only viewable by members. We are no longer putting photos on this (.webs.com) site.

Camp 2 11-14 August 2014

They just get better and better. Do you remember the Alpacas, the ice cream van, Thai green and red curry (thanks David), Tom Cadman and the silent disco conga of 150 people, green lights, red lights and blue lights, prawn crackers, sesame toast, plain bacon, meeting Imran Sherwani and the gold medal, wake up its 06:30, "I hear the camp wash washed away last night, hope everyone is okay" my reply "no, two girls in one tent touched the side and their groundsheet got wet, that was it, everyone else okay", telling off from Lynne, session 1 16 coaches on 16 grids, 4x4 rotation, in all 23 coaches working on one pitch, totally brilliant! Alfie, first down the slide again, Oggie, Rich and Jack on the slide, 6 new tents, 300 cocktail glasses, make your own cocktails, the white marquee silent disco rave 'having the time of your life' "where have they ALL gone... To the marquee" Calvin  - a real Legend and the youngest ever on camp at 6 years old.  potato skins at lunch, DakDak and Jack serving soup (thanks),  DEX " why is everyone offering to help, it's amazing what great kids". LYNNE "it's call bribery, I owe the tuck shop a fortune!". Nice stick Jacob, and nice shoes as well, enjoyed embarrassing you Ollie, but we are all very proud of you. Brilliant pre-camp staff meeting at the 3 horseshoes with lots of Tapas, drag flick masterclass by Imran Yousaf and an excellent presentation on goal scoring, Charlie, Dex's grandson on the pitch at 21/2. Max Butterfields present from Imran Sherwani, a real piece of hockey history. More to come....

Camp 1 - 4-7 August 2014

Wow! by far the best ever camp, by a mile.. With camp 2 starting on Monday I am not giving anything away but as we say every time each camp starts gently, it slowly ramps up and by the end (we guarantee this) you will be hanging off the roof.

To everyone who was there a massive thank you .... So here are a few random notes and recollections.

TENT TEAM, RECEPTION MUSIC, MEET AND GREET, THE GOLD MEDAL, HOW TO MAKE IT TO HiPAC, water slide, tea in the morning, Dex's playlist (dreamy!) Connor and Tomek's dancing, SMASHED THE MILK, PUDDINGS, BACON (No smoked stuff at camp 2) MORE PUDDINGS, war of the worlds, BOYS COLD SHOWERS, CAMPING IN THE ORCHARD, EARLY MORNINGS (young Butterfield you are a star),   15,000 loom bands ( ROSIE, IT IS PERFECT, THANKS,)  TAPAS (it's a coach thing), cold showers (it's another male staff thing), NO RAIN AT ALL DURIN THE DAY (when it rains overnight we are only watering the pitch) SORRY THE LAST NIGHT WAS SO BORING, BUT THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN HAVE A PARTY.. really, OH what a night... How do you like your PINK BARBIE DOLL or SUNSHINE or COKE FLOAT, wanna ice cream, FROZEN WATERMELON, MASTERCLASS, hey DEX can I have two bats and a ball (436 times over), CHILLI,  WHERE ARE MY KEY (DEX 30 time at day) don't you just hate discos, daNCING ON THE TABLE, NOODLES  WALES CAPTAIN - DEX coached him...yawn yawn yawn yawn yann, LOOM BANDS, BACON SANDWICHES, if you want to talk to me then dance, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS, THE WATCH HAS GOT LEGENDS ON IT ( cheers Oggie) HEY COMe one you guys we have 15 minutes to turn this WATER SLIDE INTO A RESTURANT FOR 150 people.  CHANNEL 3,  Ali I love your POLE dancing, RAZA RAZA RAZA.. WET BOY. great stick Freddie, JIMMY AND ZOE YOU WERE INCREDIBLE. Touch the tent and you get wet. CAMPING WITH A PEDAL BIN, WARDROBE, AND KIT TENT wow ALFIE AND OWEN. ANY POLES ALI,, 

BEDTIME NOW MUCH MORE TO COMe.. Noodles, WHAT NO FROSTIES, .. 14 camp Henry, LOOM bands


  • an email will go out this week (w/c 21 July 2014), to all parents with the arrangements and kit lists for this year's camps
  • an email will go out to all staff (ditto) with everything they need
  • well done to Tomek Bruml and Ollie Rogerson who both made their England u16 debuts this year and have just finished a 4 nations tournament in Santander. 
  • if you are trying to get our information booklet, which seems to be blocked and cannot get through as an email attachment then the following gives you links to a slightly older version.



All participants should arrive at camp @ 09:00 and be collected at 17:00.

Please park in the main playground near to the tennis courts. Registration is in the portakabins near the astro at the top of the Limes walk. Please enter through the main playground entrance.

As the weather will be mixed please ensure that all players wear suitable clothing and have a bag to keep their belongings in.

28 OCTOBER 2013

CAMPS 2014
Summer camps (SC1 and SC2)
Each of the summer camps will be available for beginners through to experts. BEGINNERS will work on appropriate core skills whilst the more competent will follow a more in depth programme. EXPERTS can choose to work in either the advanced or performance groups. The ADVANCED GROUP will work to develop their higher level skills and techniques while the PERFORMANCE GROUP will follow a very intense plan.

Summer camp 1.  (SC1)        Monday,   4 August 2014 to Thursday,   7 August 2014

Summer camp 2.  (SC2)        Monday, 11 August 2014 to Thursday, 11 August 2014

Camp fees remain as they were in 2013, day students £200 full students £225. This cost includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & drinks each day.

Booking method
First time at Legends: email colindexter@sky.com requesting a booking form. A place will be reserved for 2 weeks or until the form and payment is received. Let us know which group (beginners, expert advanced or expert performance) you want to be in.
Been at Legends before: email colindexter@sky.com with the names of those being booked and which camp(s) you will then receive an email to confirm the place. Let us know which group (beginners, expert advanced or expert performance) you want to be in.

Payment method
Cheque: Payable to Legends Hockey and sent to Mr C J Dexter at 111 Bilton Road, Rugby, CV22 7AS. You can pay the whole amount immediately or send in 2 cheques one of which can be post dated to later dates that suit your budget.

Transfer: Sort code 07:01:16, account number31685299. The reference should be the players name (e.g. Billy Bragg) and the camps being paid for (eg SC1 or SC2 or SC1 & SC2)

Cards: other than American Express we can accept most debit and credit cards. Please call Colin Dexter on 01788 572135 if you want to use this method.

Easter camps 2014
For the first time we are running some day camps over Easter 2014. There will 4 camps. The camps will be available to all levels of players and the fee includes coaching and lunch. There will be no overnight camping available although we can probably arrange hosts for travelling from further afield, especially for those attending more than 1 camp.  There will still be a very strong coaching staff throughout.

Easter camp 1 (EC1).    Tuesday,      22 April 2014, 09:00 to 17:30

Easter camp 2 (EC2).    Wednesday, 23 April 2014, 09:00 to 17:30

Easter camp 3 (EC3).    Thursday,     24 April 2014, 09:00 to 17:30

Easter camp 4 (EC4).    Friday,          25 April 2014, 09:00 to 17:30

Content: Each camp is open to players of all abilities. The camps coaching content will be decided when we are more aware of the participants and their abilities.

Booking and payment - all as above. Each camp will cost £45.

Foreign camps
I have decided that we will not be offering any foreign camps in the near future. This is because we would need to offer a travel agent/tour operator bond as protection and this is not a route we wish to take.

I am pleased to let you know that our online shop is now fully operational. The web address is www.legendshockeyshop.com. There is a big range of branded equipment as well as Legends clothing.

Colin Dexter

10 JULY 2013

Please click the link following as it contains all the information you will need pre-camp. It includes first and last day timings, kit lists etc. http://webzoom.freewebs.com/legendshockeycamps/2013 parents letter.doc

This details the items that can be ordered from our shop pre-camp http://webzoom.freewebs.com/legendshockeycamps/Legends pre camp offers July 2013.pdf 

and if you want to order something then here is the link to the order form: http://webzoom.freewebs.com/legendshockeycamps/Legends shop preorder form July 2013.xlsx


2 JULY 2013

Please could you send in your final payments if you have not already done so. We can now take cards over the phone to do this call Dex on 01788 572135. Complete details of what to take, timings etc. will be sent our 2 weeks before each camp.


13 JUNE 2013

  • We are launching our online hockey shop in early July 2013. Have a look at legendshockeyshop.com.
  • We are sending out an email very soon with some Pre-camp packages for you to have a look at.
  • There will be an even better hockey shop at the camps this year. Sticks, grips, chamois, socks, astro shoes, legends water bottles and lots of hockey clothing will be there.
  • REMINDER: please send your payments if you have not done so already.


Click the pages at the end  for a 17 page file (.pdf) with lots of detail and photos based on what we do at the camps. Opens in a new tab,  PAGE 1, PAGE 2, PAGE 3, PAGE 4, PAGE 5, PAGE 6, PAGE 7, PAGE 8, PAGE 9, PAGE 10, PAGE 11, PAGE 12, PAGE 13, PAGE 14, PAGE 15, PAGE 16 & PAGE 17 . 

Click here for an application form for Summer 2013 (opens a new .doc file)

Click here for a poster to put on your club house or school notice board (3.4MB, opens a .pdf file in a new tab)


2013 dates released
Camp 1: 25 July 2013 to 28 July 2013 (Thursday to Sunday)

Camp 2: 30 July 2013 to 2 August 2013 (Tuesday to Friday)

Camp 3: 4 August 2013 to 7 August 2013 (Sunday to Wednesday)

Maximum 110 places available on each camp. First come first served.
Residential cost £225 and day students £200.

How to book:

PREVIOUS PARTICIPANTS: reserve the place(s) by sending an email to Colindexter@sky.com then send a cheque(s) to confirm the place, payable to Legends Hockey and send to Mr C J Dexter, 111 Bilton Road, Rugby, CV22 7AS. POST DATED CHEQUES ARE ACCEPTABLE. When the payments is received we will confirm your booking.

NEW PARTICIPANTS: reserve the place(s) by sending an email to colindexter@sky.com. Please state that you have not booked before. We will send you a booking form by return (a link to an alternative online form will be available as well). Then send a cheque(s) to confirm the place, payable to Legends Hockey and send to Mr C J Dexter, 111 Bilton Road, Rugby, CV22 7AS. POST DATED CHEQUES ARE ACCEPTABLE. When the payments is received we will confirm your booking

 November 2012
HiPAC & Futures Cup 2012

We are proud to announce the following player selections:
  • James Bandurak, Birmingham JRPC, Mercia Lynx U15
  • Ollie Rogerson, Nottingham JRPC, Mercia Lynx U15
  • Hugo Swaby, Nottingham JRPC, Mercia Lynx U15
  • Finlay Saunder, Birmingham JRPC, Mercia Lynx U16
  • Ed Jacob, Birmingham JRPC, Mercia Lynx U17
  • Jay Reddy, Nottingham JRPC, Mercia Lynx U17
  • James Simpson,  Nottingham JRPC, Mercia Lynx U18
  • Chris Proctor, Nottingham JRPC, Mercia Lynx U18
  • Will Taylor, Nottingham JRPC, Mercia Lynx U18
  • Mimi Swaby, Birmingham JRPC, Mercia Lynx U18
We are proud to announce the following Coaching selections:
    • James Terry, Mercia Lynx U15 boys coach
    • Henry Harrison, Mercia Lynx U17 boys coach
    We will update you on the JAC training squad selections as soon as they are released.

    1 November 2012
    2013 dates released

    Camp 1: 25 July 2013 to 28 July 2013 (Thursday to Sunday)
    Camp 2: 30 July 2013 to 2 August 2013 (Tuesday to Friday)
    Camp 3: 4 August 2013 to 7 August 2013 (Sunday to Wednesday)

    Maximum 110 places available on each camp. First come first served.
    Residential cost £225 and day students £200.

    How to book:

    PREVIOUS PARTICIPANTS: reserve the place(s) by sending an email to Colindexter@sky.com then send a cheque(s) to confirm the place, payable to Legends Hockey and send to Mr C J Dexter, 111 Bilton Road, Rugby, CV22 7AS. POST DATED CHEQUES ARE ACCEPTABLE. When the payments is received we will confirm your booking.

    NEW PARTICIPANTS: reserve the place(s) by sending an email to colindexter@sky.com. Please state that you have not booked before. We will send you a booking form by return (a link to an alternative online form will be available as well). Then send a cheque(s) to confirm the place, payable to Legends Hockey and send to Mr C J Dexter, 111 Bilton Road, Rugby, CV22 7AS. POST DATED CHEQUES ARE ACCEPTABLE. When the payments is received we will confirm your booking.

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